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제16회 제천국제음악영화제

An Inconsolable Memory
South Africa | 2013 | 102min | DCP | COLOR | Documentary


This movie deals with a reconstruction of the history of South Africa’s first opera company, the Eoan Group, and an exercise in assembling the ‘truth’ of history in order to show what it felt like to be classified as a “coloured” during the apartheid regime. Interviews with former members of Eoan, photos, sound recordings, archive footage of opera performances and street scenes featuring the residents of District 6 in Cape Town give an impression of the world in which these people live. The film focuses on giving attention to questions that were not asked and answers that were not officially given - the painful truth behind the images and faces is gradually revealed.

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Aryan Kaganof

Aryan Kaganof studied at the Netherlands Film & Television Academy. While he was at school, he won the Golden Kalf for his debut film < Kyodai Makes the Big Time > at the Dutch Film Festival. In 1999, he returned to South Africa to meet his biological father for the first time. When his father passed away, he changed his name, taking on biological father''s name. His first film as Kaganof was < Western 4.33 > which won the Best Film prize at the African Film Festival of Milan.
: Stephanus Muller
: Ruth Fourie, May Abrahamse
: Aryan Kaganof
: Aryan Kaganof
: Kyle Shepherd
: Mukaiyama Tomoko
: Aryan Kaganof