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제16회 제천국제음악영화제

Talking Guitars
Netherlands | 2007 | 72min | HD | COLOR | Documentary


The legendary guitar maker Flip Scipio tuned the Buena Vista Social Club musicians’ guitars during their concert in 1998, and his customer list includes many famous artists such as Jackson Browne, Paul Simon and Carly Simon. In this documentary, Scipio’s famous customers speak of him, his guitars and his music, while playing beautiful melodies. Recalling Scipio’s guitar-building career which began in his childhood when he broke his grandfather’s mandolin by mistake, the documentary takes us into a journey from his workshop in New York to his hometown in the Dutch countryside. In the end, the film shows Scipio working on restoring his grandfather’s broken mandolin. Claire Pijman captures Scipio’s amazing works in stunning images.

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Claire Pijman

Claire Pijman studied cinematography at the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam. She works mainly as a freelance cinematographer, and also makes her own documentaries. Her works include Foot on the Moon, a documentary showing behind-the-scenes of Lars von Trier’s Dancer in the Dark and My Father Takes Pictures(1996). Talking Guitars is her second feature length documentary. She was a member of jury of 8th JIMFF.
: Seven Sauer
: Flip Scipio
: Claire Pijman
: Claire Pijman
: Danniel Danniel
: Ludo Keeris