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제16회 제천국제음악영화제

Have a Song on Your Lips
Japan | 2015 | 132min | DCP | COLOR | Drama | Classic


Naka-Goto Junior High School is situated on an isolated island in Nagasaki Prefecture. Yuri Kashiwagi returns to her hometown for the first time in many years as a substitute for music teacher Mrs. Matsuyama who is taking maternity leave. The students are enthusiastic when they hear the beautiful Miss Kashiwagi was a renowned pianist in Tokyo. However, she has no intention of playing the piano for them. When Miss Kashiwagi grudgingly takes on the role of advisor to the choir, she assigns the students homework. ‘Write a letter to yourself 15 years in the future,’ in the hope that it will give them a deeper understanding of the set song, [Tegami - Haikei 15 No Kimi He - ].

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Miki Takahiro

Born in 1974 in Tokushima prefecture, Miki Takahiro worked as a director of promotion video, visual images for live performances and commercial films. He started to make movies in 2010 with Aoi Miyazaki for 〈Solanin〉, adapted from a best-selling comic manga by Asao Inio. Since then, he continued making movies like 〈We Were There 1&2〉(2012), 〈Girl in the Sunny Place〉(2013), 〈Hot Road〉(2014), 〈Bleu Spring Ride〉(2014). All titles have got very successful box office records in Japan.
: Teshima Masao, Uda Mitsuru
: Aragaki Yui, Kimura Fumino
: Mochiji Yukiko, Toyone Yuichi
: Nakayama Koichi
: Ito Junichi
: Matsutani Suguru