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R.E.M. by MTV
USA | 2014 | 107min | DCP | COLOR | Documentary | Rock


On April 5, 1980 four college pals - Bill Berry, Peter Buck, Mike Mills and Michael Stipe - took the stage together for the first time to play at a friend's birthday party. The band they started that night stayed together for 30 years and changed the shape of rock music. This film tells R.E.M.'s story in their own words, through three decades of performances and interviews R.E.M. gave to MTV. Featuring revealing, never-before-seen footage, R.E.M. by MTV tells the amazing story of a band that did it their own way, and changed how a generation of musicians after them did it, too. 

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Alexander Young

Alexander Young is a producer and director based in New York City. He was born in 1980 and grew up outside of Pittsburgh. At age 14, his father drove him to his first concert - R.E.M.- thereby solidifying his love of both the band and live music. In 2014, he directed and co-produced the career-spanning documentary R.E.M. by MTV. He is currently working in music development and production at MTV. 
: Bertis Downs, Bill Flanagan, Kevin Gore, Mark Pinkus, Tim Fraser-Harding, Brian Hays
: R. E. M
: David Leopold, Alexander Young
Art director
: Ben Byleen, Warren Fredricks
: Dave Leopold