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제15회 제천국제음악영화제

Blue Busking
Korea | 2016 | 95min | DCP | COLOR | Drama | Classic, Opera


Ho-bin and three friends were born and raised in Mokpo. They decide to take part in a band contest held in Jarasum after they form the band, ‘Road No.1’. Then they come up with a plan to go there on foot in 30 days, doing busking on the road. They also contact broadcasting and join Hye-kyung, who is the producer of the broadcast company, on their journey. However, Hye-kyung looks down on what they are doing. What is worse, Ho-bin suddenly breaks away and the band ‘Road No.1’ is in crisis. Will they get through it and take part in the band contest?

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An Jae-seok

An Jae-seok studied at the Department of Film Studies, Chung-Ang University and Ph.D at The Graduate School of Advanced Imaging Science, Multimedia & Film, Chung-Ang Univ. He was an assistant director of 〈YMCA Baseball Team〉 and took part in 〈Mr.Gam’s Victory〉 as an assistant director and a screenplay writer. He is an instructor at Soon Chun Hyang University and Korea University of Media Arts, etc.
: Shin Byoung-hun
: Jo Han-sun, Han Ji-sang, Park Hyo-ju, Kim Shin-eui, Kim Jae-bum
: An Jae-seok, Cho Won-dong
: Jung Kee-won
Art director
: Shin Hyun-suk
: Jung Jin-hee, Kim Hyung-joo
: Kim Shin-eui