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제16회 제천국제음악영화제

The Magic Flute
Korea | 2015 | 106min | DCP | COLOR | Live Film | Classic, Opera


Prince Tamino of Egypt is told by the Queen of the Night that princess Pamina has been kidnapped by evil Sarastro. Tamino is given a magic flute and off to rescue Pamina with Papageno. He tries to rescue Pamina who is enslaved by the evil Sarastro. However, Sarastro is not an evil man, but a high priest, in fact...

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Jung ‘Myron’ Sung-bok

Myron Jung is a director of 3D movie and also a president of ʻFabulous Co. LTDʼ. He has directed Wheesung, It’s Real 3D and stage management, 3D of Mozart Rock Opera(2011) and French Musical film 1789, Les Amants de La Bastille which have earmed him recognition in 3D directiing field. In 2014, he worked as director of visualization project of Nutcracker, Vaporization and Mafistofele of Seoul Arts Center. 
: Lee Kyung-jae
: Kim Woo-kyung, Kong Byung-woo, Park Hyun-joo, Jun Seoug-hyun, Seo Hwal-ran, Kim Byung-o, Lee Se-hee