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The Freshman
USA | 1922 | 76min | B&W | Drama | World Music


Harold Lloyd's most popular comedy is arguably his funniest film. It is also his most commercially successful silent comedy feature. Harold plays college freshman Harold Lamb who longs to be the big man on campus. His metamorphosis from college zero to college hero in the climactic football game is one of the high points of silent film comedy. 

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Sam Taylor

Sam Taylor(1895~1958) was a film director, screen writer, and producer, most active in silent film era. Taylor is best known for his comedic directorial work with Harold Lloyd and Mary Pickford.

Fred Newmeyer

Born in Colorado, he is the best known for directing a handful of films in the Our Gang series and for directing Harold Lloyd's movies The Freshman and Girl Shy. He also had an extensive directing and acting resume in other comedy short films. He appeared as an actor in 71 films between 1914 and 1923. Newmeyer co-directed (with Sam Taylor) Harold Lloyd's famous silent film Safety Last!(1923). Newmeyer died on April 24, 1967 in Woodland Hills, California, at the age of 78. 
: Harold Lloyd
: Harold Lloyd
: Sam Taylor, Ted Wilde, John Grey, Tim Whelan
: Walter Lundin
Art director
: Liell K. Vedder
: Allen McNeil