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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Hurry Up, Slowly!
Korea | 2014 | 101min | HD | COLOR | Documentary


Members of the rock band Anakin Project have their own jobs as a cultural activist, a carpenter, and a barista. Yet, they share interest and passion in the community-level activism on peace and ecology. The members will interview people behind the scenes of Christiania’s summer music festival, observe and talk with people who came to take part in the festival, and learn about the community’s administration, politics, economy, culture, art, etc. In South Korea, there is a growing awareness of problems in uncritical pursuit of capitalism and more people put ecology and peace as their central values. In this regard, leaving Christiania marks the film’s end, but this is a new chapter’s beginning for the members and their social activism at home.

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Hyun Young-ae

She is a producer and director of a documentary, Now a Flower on the Head(2011). In 2011, the film competed in the 7th JIMFF. It was screened at the Gwangju Human Rights Film Festival. In 2012, she produced a short film, Kimchi. In 2014, she directed a documentary Hurry Up, Slowly!
: Hyun Young-ae
: Ma Sung-gil, Hong Shine, Zo Yun-suk
: Hyun Young-ae
: Cho young-gik, Lee Hak-min
: Lee Hak-min
: Anakin Project

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