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제15회 제천국제음악영화제

Junk Story Hide 50th Anniversary Documentary
Japan | 2015 | 126min | DCP | COLOR | Documentary | Rock


It has been 17 years since Hide from X Japan passed away so sudden, but so many fans still love him. Junk Story Hide 50th Anniversary Documentary is the first documentary describing Hide’s life, achievements and thoughts. This film will show how he was trying to find his own methodology and thought for his fans. You can get a close-up on his personality with variety of angles such as aesthetic, philosophy, dreams and his view on tolerance. The film consists of interviews of musicians and the people who knew him very well, Hide’s concert footages and additional behind-the-scenes. Junk Story Hide 50th Anniversary Documentary is about the bond between Hide and his comrades, and the story about all the people who love Hide. 

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Sato Futoshi

Sato Futoshi was born in 1968 in Sendai and started his job as a decoration assistant and worked as an assistant director. Sato got attention with his first short movie 〈Date Train〉 in 2005. After that, he has been working as a director of drama, documentary, music video and CM. He made his first feature film Indian Summer in 2005. Sato is also a member of ‘INDIAN LAND/S CLUB BAND’
: Ryuichi Matsumura, Keisuke Ito
: Hide
: Yukio Komiya, Hajime Baba
: Toshihide Fukano
: I.N.A.