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제16회 제천국제음악영화제

Broken right after Valentine
Korea | 2014 | 65min | COLOR | Documentary


In summer 2011, Korean rock industry seemed to guarantee a bright future, thanks to booming audition programs including ‘KBS TopBand’. Broken Valentine was spotted on this program in the battle with a band Toxic. Despite being together for about 10 years and winning the Grand Prize at Yamaha Asian Beat competition in 2009, they still struggle to grab attention from the masses. This documentary follows their passionate and rather naive days right after the program ended. The film follows them for 3 months. We see all the rockers in the movie dreaming of a promising future, but after 3 years, they are still young, still passionate, but a bit skeptical rockers looking back at the old days and talking about their music and lives.

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Yoon Sol-ji

Yoon Sol-ji published an English book and wrote a novel from travelling. She was deeply into K-rock bands and directed a documentary on it. Her documentaries are < Broken right after Valentine >(2014) and < A Bucket List of a 17 Year Old Boy >(2015).
: Kim Eil-an
: Broken Valentine
: Yoon Sol-ji
: Kim Eil-an