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제16회 제천국제음악영화제

They Call Me Cuba
Cuba | 2014 | 52min | Blu-ray | COLOR | Documentary


Of all arts, the only one that doesn't exist is the music. Nothing else exists in the mind and in the man's imagination. Musician and composer Sergio Vita, begins They Call Me Cuba, a documentary that picks up in tight synthesis thinking of Cuban music, combined with universal values as: homeland, family, music, love, friendship, heroism and peace among other topics. Their opinions are very Cuban, at the same time, universal. More than 70 musicians like Raül Paz, Vania Borges, Silvio Rodriguez participate in the movie are hartherd for the purpose of making a disk for the five Cuban heroes.

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Pablo Massip

Pablo Massip studied at the Higher Education School for Social Studies in Minsk with degrees in history and social sciences. He later studied at the Higher Institute of Arts in Havana in the Faculty of Audio Visual Media Arts. He has worked as a director of photography for several Cuban feature films and has directed documentary films. He has received important National and International Awards.
: Cuban Institute of the Art and Film Industry
: Denisse Guerra
: Daniel Diez Jr.
: Maestro Sergio Vitier
: Raymel Casamayor