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제16회 제천국제음악영화제

It’s Magic. Musica Mundi
Belgium | 2013 | 55min | HD | COLOR | Documentary


‘Musica Mundi’ is a course for gifted young musicians, from 9 to 23 years old, which takes place every year since 1999 in Belgium. The 65 selected worldwide children pay no registration, but are supported by sponsors. Music is their only common language. They form numerous chamber music ensembles directed by big names including Ivry Gitlis and Maxim Vengerov. The film is the witness of those improbable encounters, of the new friendships and of the tireless work done by these young people who want to live fully their passion for music.

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Jan Blondeel

studied cinema. Since 1988, he works for the VRT, the Belgian network. He directed reports over Paik Nam-jun and Bruce Nauman for ‘Ziggurat’. He made documentaries over the Dardenne brothers.

Thierry Loreau

Graduated from the University of Brussels, Thierry starts his career as a music advisor and co-director at the RTBF, the Belgium Television where he soon specializes in concerts and opera broadcastings. 
: Els T’Seyen
: Styn De Moon
: Michel Vander Raegen
: Tom Keymeulen