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제16회 제천국제음악영화제

Japanese Girls at the Harbor
Japan | 1933 | 78min | 35mm | B&W | Drama


Sunako is a student of a catholic school in a seaport city. Jealous as her best friend Dora steals her lover Henry, she attemps to kill Dora, but fails. Becoming a Geisha afterwards, Sunako accidentally bumps into Henry and Dora, already married to each other. Three of them are caught in jealousy, love and hatred again. A melodrama depicting a typical love triangle, Japanese Girl at the Harbor shows its unique styles shot on location outdoors.

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Shimizu Hiroshi

Shimizu was born in Shizuoka and attended Hokkaido University, but left before graduating. He joined the Shochiku studio in 1921 and made his directorial debut in 1924. A friend and colleague of Ozu Yasujiro, he directed over 160 films during his career. He died on June 23, 1966, at the age of 63. Though respected in his time, today he is largely known, even in his native Japan.
: Oikawa Michiko, Egawa Ureo
: Toyama Hisoka
: Sasaki Taro