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제16회 제천국제음악영화제

Golden Chariot in the Sky
Korea | 2014 | 84min | DCP | COLOR | Drama


Ppongddol dreams to form a band and have a successful career. He names his band 'Golden Chariot’ after a worn-out, orange cart he found on the street, giving it exaggerated meaning. Ppongdol suggests his village friends to join the band, using this cart to carry instruments as well as cabbages. Although they readily accept the offer, the band is in conflict from the first moment when all eight of them meet. Meanwhile, Pponddol is the youngest of four brothers. He was thrown out of his family with his second eldest brother. One day, the second eldest brother visits him after a long time. Reminiscing the past, they blame each other for being kicked out of their family. The poor two brothers decide to visit their eldest brother, sick with terminal cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, to apologize and ask for some fortune. While they try to sell his house to make money, the third eldest brother is also after inheritance. Knowing that he has not long to live, the eldest brother announces that he will give out his property only if the three brothers go on a trip together. ‘Golden Chariot’ is also on a trip to make up with each other. What will they get from these special trips? 
Golden Chariot in the Sky is a debut feature film of the director O Muel, famous for Jiseul shown on as many as 19 international film festivals. This is also a music film after a long interval since Nostalgia was released. Both the three brothers who love and hate each other, and Golden Chariot so frequently in conflicts that seems far away from making their debut, choose to ‘travel’ with each other to overcome their troublesome situation. The story of two trips heads for the climax as they meet and say goodbye, quarrel and reconcile over and over again. With ‘O Muel Division’ actors express humor, sorrow, anger and brotherhood, while a Korean ska band Kingston Rudieska makes their debut as actors. Their merry tunes in the film will make the audiences dance. ​


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O Muel

As a representative of the Jeju-based independent culture project Terror J, director O Muel chooses to direct films set on his native Jeju Island. He also organized a street art festival called ‘Flower for a Head’. He is currently a co-director at the Jeju Independent Film Society, as well as an director of the Japari Research Center. Born in 1971, he has directed two short films and several feature films - Nostalgia, Ppong ddol, Wind of Island and Jiseul. Golden Chariot in the Sky is his fifth feature film.
: Ko Hyuk-jin, Kwon Mi-hui
: Moon Suk-bum, Yang Jeong-won, Kim Dong-ho, Lee Kyung-joon, Kingston Rudieska
: O Muel
: Choo Kyeong-yeob, Kim Kyung-seob, Yang Jung-hoon
: Kim Jung-ho
: Don Spike
: An Ki-sung, Lee Min-seob