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Jecheon Film Music Award

Jecheon Film Music Honorary Award

Shin Byung-ha

Film Music director, Composer | Korea (1947 ? 2005)

The award program is to honor the accomplishment of film musicians who have had significant influence on the film and music culture of Korea since 2006. The program is planned in an earnest gratitude for a significant contribution to the development of Korean film music in each field such as a sound engineer and a film music performance specialist, as well as a film music composer and a music producer different from other music awards. In the first year, the award goes to the film music director, Shin Byung-ha who passed away last year.

Selected Filmography

Year Title Director
1979 Sudden Flame Hong Pa
1981 Three times each for short and long ways Kim Ho-seon
1985 The wandering stars Cha Hyeon-jae
1986 Ticket Im Kwon-taek
1986 Kam-Bo Lee Hwang-rim
1986 Surrogate mother Im Kwon-taek
1987 A Street Musician Jeong Ji-young
1987 Prince Yeo-san’s life Im Kwon-taek
1988 You my rose mellow Park Chul-soo
1989 Seoul Rainbow Kim Ho-seon
1989 Aeran Lee Hwang-rim
1989 Country of fire Jang Kil-su
1990 The General’s son Im Kwon-taek
1990 Rooster Shin Seung-su
1990 The woman who walks on water Park Chul-su
1991 Fly high run far Im Kwon-taek
1991 Susan Brink’s Arirang Jang Kil-su
1991 Beyond the Mountain Jeoung Ji-young
1992 White Badge Jeoung Ji-young
1994 Life of Hollywood kid Jeoung Ji-young