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Megabox Jecheon1

TimeTitleCodeRateSubQ&ALive Concert
2017-08-11  10:30Pure Love - The Voice of Ella Fitzgerald
Spectator Records - Up in Smoke
2017-08-11  13:00The Golden Wing010GEQA-
2017-08-11  16:00Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary01512NE--
2017-08-11  19:00Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence02018E--
2017-08-11  24:00Midnight Screening 1
Mumford & Sons: We Wrote This Yesterday
At Your Doorstep
2017-08-12  10:30England Is Mine03412NE--
2017-08-12  13:00El Viaje - A Road Trip into Chiles Musical Heritage039GEQA-
2017-08-12  16:00Far Western044GEQA-
2017-08-12  19:00WHITNEY 'Can I Be Me' 04912NE--
2017-08-12  24:00Midnight Screening 2
Bravo, Virtuoso!
American Valhalla
Hello Again
2017-08-13  10:30Gregory Porter Don’t Forget Your Music063GNE--
2017-08-13  13:00Hotel Rock’n’Roll06815EQA-
2017-08-13  16:00Ode to Time072GEQA-
2017-08-13  19:00Sex, Maracas & Chihuahuas07715E--
2017-08-13  21:30Raving Iran08212E--
2017-08-14  10:30Miss Impossible09012E--
2017-08-14  13:00El Viaje - A Road Trip into Chiles Musical Heritage094GE--
2017-08-14  16:00The Potential of Noise - Conny Plank098GE--
2017-08-14  19:00Revolution of Sound. Tangerine Dream10212E--
2017-08-14  21:30Bravo, Virtuoso!10615E--
2017-08-15  11:00American Valhalla11212NE--
2017-08-15  14:00Life Is an Eternal Swing116GE--