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TIMETitleTheaterCodeRateSubQ&ALive Concert
10:00Julie and the Shoe FactoryJecheon City Cultural Center05612E--
10:00Raving IranMegabox Jecheon 203112E--
10:00Family Fest Shorts 1
Good Night
Singing Frogs
Golden Oldies
Singing Hugo and His Incredible Adventures
Flip the Record
Megabox Jecheon 5032GEQA-
10:00Sex, Maracas & ChihuahuasMegabox Jecheon 603315E--
10:30England Is MineMegabox Jecheon 103412NE--
10:30Family Fest Shorts 2
Me and My Dog
The Sonatina
The Old Piano
From the Eastern Lands
Two Seconds of Silence
Megabox Jecheon 3035GE--
12:30Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane DocumentaryMegabox Jecheon 203612NEQA-
12:30Singing with Angry BirdMegabox Jecheon 5037GEQA-
12:30The Singing ShoesMegabox Jecheon 603815E--
13:00El Viaje - A Road Trip into Chiles Musical HeritageMegabox Jecheon 1039GEQA-
13:00Ode to TimeMegabox Jecheon 3040GE--
13:30Bach & BargeJecheon City Cultural Center057GEQA
15:30ElisMegabox Jecheon 204115E--
15:30Korean Music Film Now Shorts 2
Seongbuk-dong Makgeolli
Just Wanna Say I Love You
Megabox Jecheon 504212EQA-
15:30The Rolling Stones Olé Olé Olé! - A Trip across Latin AmericaMegabox Jecheon 6043GNE--
16:00Far WesternMegabox Jecheon 1044GEQA-
16:00Korean Music Film Now Shorts 1
The Children of Starlight Orchestra
The Troubled Troubadour
Sally’s Law
Megabox Jecheon 3045GEQA-
17:00Jecheon Live Choice - Talk & Music Concert with Youngjin Lee, Jieun OhJecheon City Cultural Center058G-QA-
18:30The Potential of Noise - Conny PlankMegabox Jecheon 2046GE--
18:30Song of a Hundred YearMegabox Jecheon 5047GE--
18:30Bill Evans Time RememberedMegabox Jecheon 604815NE--
18:30Uirim Summer Night - Blossoming Youth
Marmalade kitchen, KI MYUN SEUNG, Yun Ddan Ddan, SORAN
Uirimji Stage12E--
19:00WHITNEY 'Can I Be Me' Megabox Jecheon 104912NE--
19:00Cine Symphony Shorts 3
Rock’n’Roll Will Never Die
Ayny - My Second Eye
Megabox Jecheon 305018E--
20:00One Summer Night - Special Curator Project - PICK UP THE MUSIC, Lee Yoon Ji
Why Worry?
Park Won, Epitone Project, Lucia, Lee Yoon Ji (Special Curator) , [Cinema Concert] Stephen Horne
Cheongpung Lakeside Stage059GNEQA-
21:00Bill Frisell, a PortraitMegabox Jecheon 2051GNE--
21:00Korean Music Film Now Shorts 4
A Letter from the Heart
Megabox Jecheon 505215E--
21:00Music in Sight Shorts 1
The Arch
Joe’s Violin
Right Side of Cello
Megabox Jecheon 6053GE--
21:30Cine Symphony Shorts 2
Lorraine Can’t Sing
The Test
Total Harmony
Megabox Jecheon 305415E--
23:00Cool Night - KIM BAN JANG & WINDYCITY / DJ JADAUirimji Parkland12018---
24:00Midnight Screening 2
Bravo, Virtuoso!
American Valhalla
Hello Again
Megabox Jecheon 105518E--