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제15회 제천국제음악영화제


Red Line Lounge

Music in Sight

  • USA
  • 2017
  • 9min
  • DCP
  • Color
  • Documentary
  • Instrumental
  • Asia Premiere


Everyday Dave Russell, drummer and de facto leader of the Red Line Lounge Band, assembles his drum kit on the Chicago’s Jackson Red Line train platform. Once an international performer, now homeless, Dave shares his musical aspirations and personal philosophy.


Jens Ericson

Jens Ericson is an American Director from Minnesota. After finishing his degree in film production at DePaul University, he moved from Chicago to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film. He has a passion for visual storytelling and working on set in the camera, grip, or electric departments.


  • ProducerJens Ericson
  • CastDavid Russell
  • CinematographerJordan Graves
  • EditorMatt Sandelin
  • MusicRed Line Lounge Band
  • SoundBrett Rossiter


TimeTheaterCodeRateSubQ&ALive Concert
2019-08-09  21:30Megabox Jecheon 3030GE --
2019-08-12  21:00Megabox Jecheon 2118GE --