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Where are You, João Gilberto?

Music in Sight

  • Switzerland
  • 2018
  • 106min
  • DCP
  • Color
  • Documentary
  • World Music
  • Korea Premiere


The film sets out in the footsteps of German writer Marc Fischer who obsessively searched for the last musical legend of our time, the founding father of Bossa Nova, Brazilian musician João Gilberto. Fischer described his journey in a book, [Hobalala], but committed suicide one week before it was published. By taking up Fischer’s quest, following his steps one by one, thanks to all the clues he left us, we pursue João Gilberto to understand the history, the very soul and essence of Bossa Nova.​


Georges Gachot

Georges Gachot directed music documentaries since 1996. He received the ‘Prix Italia’ in 2002 for his documentary <Martha Argerich, Evening Talks> and created the first of a trilogy of films about Brazilian music in 2005, <Maria Bethânia – Music is Perfume>. He became a true enthusiast and specialist of Brazilian music and went on to film two more documentaries there, <Rio Sonata> (2010) and <O Samba> (2014).



  • ProducerGeorges Gachot, Pierre-Olivier Bardet
  • ScreenwriterGeorges Gachot, Paolo Poni
  • CinematographerStephane Kuthy
  • EditorJulie Pelat
  • MusicBalthasar Jucker


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2019-08-11  18:30Megabox Jecheon 208112E --
2019-08-12  21:30Megabox Jecheon 312112E --