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제15회 제천국제음악영화제


The Self-Seeker

Cinema Concert

  • Ukrainian SSR
  • 1927
  • 77min
  • DCP
  • B&W
  • Drama
  • Instrumental
  • Asia Premiere


is a story of a Ukrainian philistine Apollo Shmyguyev, who tries to benefit from numerous changes of authorities and political chaos in Kyiv during the 1917~1922 Soviet Civil War. The zealous, chameleonic and inconstant Apollo quickly becomes the head of the local commissariat, but the thirst for profit endangers his life over and over again. The plot of this comedy road-movie alternately places the protagonist travelling on a camel to hostile camps of Bolsheviks, royalists, and anarchists, but selfish interests and lucre remain his one and only drive. The film is totally uncharacteristic for its time; it ridicules both bureaucracy and fanaticism of the Bolshevics and kleptocratic vanity of the Whites. One of the few examples of early Ukrainian comedy, it presents the Bolshevik revolutionary agitation in such a sarcastic way that this caricature was immediately followed by a distribution ban. ​​​


Mykola Shpykovskyi

Mykola Shpykovskyi was born in 1897 in Kyiv. He came to film industry as a film critic and wrote to Kino and Sovetskyi Ekran magazines. He was invited to join a team of Odessa Film Studio in 1927. 3 years later he made his first and the most scandalous movie in his career, <The Self-Seeker>. The film is based on a novel by the well-known 1920s Ukrainian writer Vadym Okhrimenko. <The Self-Seeker> is a story of a Ukrainian philistine Apolon Shmyguiev, who tries to benefit from numerous changes of authorities and political chaos in the Kyiv region during Civil War. Official didn’t like the movie, in which the main role, as film critics sarcastically wrote, was played by a camel. Civil war is depicted in the movie like something totally bad and evil, while the Red Army as a bunch of dummies. Nevertheless Spykovskyi continued to work in Ukraine till VUFKU completely collapsed in 1932 and made <Bread>, <Hegemon>, <Avangard>. That year he moved to Moscow.
  • CastIvan Sadovskyi, Luka Lyashenko, Dora Feller-Shpykovska, Dmytro Kapka
  • ScreenwriterVadym Oxremenko, Mykola Shpykovskyi, Borys Rozenczveg
  • CinematographerOleksiy Pankratyev


Saturday Night Moonlight Shower

2019-08-10 20:00 / Cheongpung Lakeside Stage

“Moonlight Shower” Moment of immersing into the blue moon of Cheongpung Lake

“Moonlight Shower” will be filled with musicians that will make you remember Cheongpung Lake with romance, thrill and freshness. RGP, Realslow, george and WE ARE THE NIGHT each are beloved for their touching lyrics and melodies in their own genres. Their performances will be as enchanting as the blue moon on the surface of Cheongpung Lake and sway our hearts for a long time.



TimeTheaterCodeRateSubQ&ALive Concert
2019-08-10  20:00Cheongpung Lakeside Stage003GE GR