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Magical Mystery – or: The Return of Karl Schmidt

Cine Symphony

  • Germany
  • 2017
  • 111min
  • DCP
  • Color
  • Drama
  • EDM
  • Korean Premiere


Hamburg 1994, Charlie is now living in drug-free-housing in Hamburg Altona after a breakdown back in 1989. While he is trying to live a stable life, his friends back in Berlin are getting rich with techno music. To bring techno to all of Germany they need someone to go on tour with them. Someone who is always sober - Charlie. He is supposed to drive them from club to club, from wheelchair-disco to the Mayday rave. The trip takes them to the party peaks of the 90s, and unleashes an energy that can destroy but also heal through sheer joy. 


Arne Feldhusen

Arne Feldhusen is a German director most known for his feature film < Stromberg > which was awarded with the Bavarian Film Award 2015. He also won the prestigious Grimme Award for his experimental show [Crime Scene Cleaner] that he created along with German playwright Ingrid Lausund.

  • ProducerRoman Paul, Gerhard Meixner, Verona Meier
  • CastCharly Hübner, Detlev Buck
  • ScreenwriterSven Regener
  • CinematographerLutz Reitemeier
  • EditorBenjamin Ikes
  • MusicCarsten Meyer


TimeTheaterCodeRateSubQ&ALive Concert
2018-08-11  13:00Megabox Jecheon 103915E QA-
2018-08-13  18:30Megabox Jecheon 210015E --
2018-08-14  14:00Megabox Jecheon 211515E --