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João, the Maestro

Cine Symphony

  • Brazil
  • 2017
  • 116min
  • DCP
  • Color
  • Drama
  • Classic
  • Asian Premiere


João was a child with serious health problems, which led to a reclusive childhood. But one day, a piano came into his life. From this emerges an obstinate boy who, in few years, transforms into one of the greatest promises of erudite music in the world. When he starts to gain recognition from the international artistic community, he suffers an apparently trivial accident during a soccer game. This accident, however, affects a nerve in his arm and interrupts his career. João does not give up on playing piano. But the efforts beyond limits force him to retreat even more from the piano. 


Mauro Lima

Mauro Lima is a Brazilian director and screenwriter who started his career in the mid-1990’s. He directed the films < Louro Incendiária >(1996), drama < Deus Jr. >(2000) and < Taino 2 - Aventura Continua >(2004). He has been praised by critics and audiences around the world for his biographical film < Meu Nome Nao e Johnny >(2008). His latest film is < João​, the Maestro >(2017).


  • ProducerPaula Barreto
  • CastAlexandre Nero, Rodrigo Pandolfo
  • ScreenwriterMauro Lima
  • CinematographerPaulo Vainer
  • EditorBruno Lasevicius, Julia Pechman
  • MusicMauro Lima, Fael Mondego, Fabio Mondego


TimeTheaterCodeRateSubQ&ALive Concert
2018-08-11  10:00Jecheon City Cultural Center05612E --
2018-08-13  19:00Megabox Jecheon 110212E --