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Cool Night

Cool Night
Cool Night
Date : 23:00 10. Aug(Fri), 2018 / Place : Uirimji Parkland


‘Cool Night’ is a late night performance program in a form of a party. Since the audience responded very positively last year, it is going to be expanded. Performance teams and DJs that will heighten the unique atmosphere of the outdoors theme park, Uirimji Parkland in the cool summer night will have the audience dance and sing together, breaking the barrier. Only experienced in JIMFF, this event where the whole space becomes a stage will present an unforgettable memory.



Tiger Disco is a DJ affiliated with East Disco Wav. A crew based in disco music. Tiger Disco plays original disco with punk, Italo disco, Nu-disco and 80s Japanese pop, and attempts interaction with the audience in various places such as disco crew’s party and mix set work as well as collaboration with SCR (Seoul Community Radio). Moreover, recently, it became a member of crew [Daehan Records Lab], spreading the beauty of old Korean popular music. Immerse in his music during his performance at Cool Night.


You could always hear his medley music in service areas in express ways. Lee Park Sa released 5 medley albums since 1989 and there was no one who didn’t know his name. He kept releasing albums in the 90s and in 1995, it joined hands with Japan’s Sony, making him into a star of techno-trot. His albums have been sold without stop and his music captured the ears of the general public for a long time with his various music performances. Now you can meet him in Cool Night. 


TimeTheaterCodeRateSubQ&ALive Concert
2018-08-10  23:00Uirimji Parkland11818-