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3rd Night. Gold Night

Uirim Summer Night
3rd Night. Gold Night
Date : 18:30 12. Aug(Sun), 2018 / Place : Uirimji Stage


Enjoy in Uirimji the music of Stella Jang, rookie female singersongwriter gaining much attention with her clear voice and relatable lyrics, and the ward music of Paul Kim, a singersongwriter who does not falter by the world and stands up to pop with his own music.



She is a rookie singer-songwriter gaining much attention with her clear voice and relatable lyrics, and released two EPs; [Colors] in 2016 and [Vanishing Paycheck] in 2017. She has been constantly releasing single albums, selected as artist to receive much attention such as discovery of the week in [MBC Show Music Core], recommended album of the week in ‘Naver’, and noteworthy rookie in [KBS All that Music], and performed in [KBS All that Music] and [EBS Space GongGam]. Enjoy in Uirimji, her voice that is very active in various areas including La Francophonie Festival five cities tour, TV drama OST [I’m not a Robot], [A Poem A Day] and [Investigation Couple]. 

Born-to-sing, ‘eardrum boyfriend’, Paul Kim. He is a singersongwriter who stands up to pop with his own music. He is gathers sympathy and love from many by releasing music with his own values rather what is seen from the outside. His music including ‘Rain’, ‘Road’, ‘Tunnel’, ‘Feeling’, ‘Letter’ and ‘Would You Like Some Coffee?’ as well as ‘Every Day Every Moment’, OST from TV drama [Should We Kiss], is gaining popularity. He is the new ‘eardrum boyfriend’ and you can enjoy his performance in Uirimji. 


Listen to Your Heart. The Beautiful Mind

‘Ensemble'. An orchestra made of kids with different handicaps. The teacher, parents and many others get together to complete the orchestra. The orchestra 'Ensemble' is a small community of people who understand the difference of each other, and music is a communicative medium for them. Now listen to their stories and music. 


TimeTheaterCodeRateSubQ&ALive Concert
2018-08-12  18:30Uirimji Stage무료GE-