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Cinema Concert

Cinema Concert
Why Worry?
USA | 1923 | 63min | Digi-Beta | B&W | Drama


Harold plays wealthy hypochondriac Harold van Pelham, who travels with his private nurse to the fictious island of Paradiso to live blissfully in a warm climate in order to regain his health. In Paradiso, he finds himself in the middle of a revolution, which Harold assumes is being staged as an entertainment for his amusement. With the aide of an 8 feet 9 inch giant named Colosso, Harold crushes the rebellion and the excitement cures him of his imagined ailments. < Why Worry? > is unquestionably one of the Lloyd’s most hilarious comedies.​

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Fred Newmeyer

Fred Newmeyer(1888~1967) was an American actor and film director. He is best known for directing a handful of films in the < Our Gang > series and for directing Harold Lloyd movies. He appeared as an actor in 71 films between 1914 and 1923.​

Sam Taylor

Sam Taylor(1895~1958) was a film director, screenwriter, and producer, most active in silent film era. Taylor is best known for his comedic directorial work with Harold Lloyd and Mary Pickford.

: Hal Roach
: Harold Lloyd, Jobyna Ralston
: Sam Taylor
: Walter Lundin
: Thomas J. Crizer


Special Curator Project - PICK UP THE MUSIC, Lee Yoon Ji

2017-08-12 20:00 / Cheongpung Lakeside Stage

Film, stories, music and beautiful scenery merge all in one at PICK UP THE MUSIC, Lee Yoon Ji!

One Summer Night’s second night with films, music and stories unseen anywhere else!
Special curator and MC, actress Lee Yoon Ji; musician with a determined music world, Park Won; singer-songwriter singing a philosophical and literary perspective, Lucia; and musician that sings sympathy with lyrical tunes and sophisticated melody, Epitone Project. A special night to recommend to those who don’t want miss films, music and talk!​