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Cinema Concert

Cinema Concert
Our Hospitality
USA | 1923 | 75min | Digi-Beta | B&W | Drama


The respective heads of the Canfield and McKay families try to settle an old score, but by killing each other, they merely perpetuate the old feud. Among the many gags is the train ride that zig-zags around obstacles, a wild chase through the mountains and a hair-raising rescue at a waterfall.​​

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Buster Keaton

Joseph Francis Keaton Jr. was born in 1895 in Kansas. When at 6 months he fell downstairs, miraculously unhurt, he was given the name ‘Buster’. At age 4, Buster had already began acting with his parents on the stage. In 1917, he made his debut as an actor with < The Butcher Boy >. As a director and actor, he has completed a number of films including < Sherlock Jr. >(1924), < The General >(1926), < The Cameraman >(1928). He died in 1966 in California.
: Joseph M. Schenck
: Buster Keaton
: Jean Havez, Clyde Bruckman, Joseph Mitchell
: Gordon Jennings, Elgin Lessley
Art director
: Fred Gabourie
: Buster Keaton


DIVA Night

2017-08-11 20:00 / Cheongpung Lakeside Stage

Night of female musicians with unrivaled music world and charming voice colors, DIVA Night!
The first night of One Summer Night that will fill your night with charming voice colors.
Soulful sensibility and explosive singing vocalist, GUMMY; started as member of band JAURIM and now solo musician with a unique music world, Kim Yun A; Winner of JIMFFesta 2016 and Korea’s only female Latin band, Cubanism. Performances of a fresh combination unseen anywhere else will unfold on Cheongpung Lakeside Stage.