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World Music Film Today(International competition)

World Music Film Today(International competition)
The Golden Wing
India | 2016 | 87min | DCP | Color | Drama | World Music


< The Golden Wing > is a biopic of the legendary folk singer Padmashree Pratima Barua Pandey of Assam. Pratima’s father encourages her to learn the soulful folksongs from the mahouts. She even goes to visit commoners in their huts to learn folk numbers from them. At the end of her life, Pratima comments: “Many prizes and honours have come my way but it is the love and affection of the people of Assam that I treasure the most.”​

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Bobby Sarma Baruah

Bobby Sarma Baruah is an Indian filmmaker, producer and screenwriter whose narrative

content on sociocultural issues in Assam and the North East has been highly appreciated. Her

debut feature film < Adomya > in which she explored the sensitivity and emotional world of women. She has a number of short films, documentaries, music videos and TV serial sonvarious indigenous folk cultures blending into one​.

: Bobby Sarma Baruah
: Pranami Bora, Pranjal Saikia
: Bobby Sarma Baruah, Bhaskar Jyoti Das
: Avijit Nandi
Art director
: Phatik Baruah
: Ratul Deka
: Debajit Gayan


TimeTheaterCodeRateSubQ&ALive Concert
2017-08-11   13:00 Megabox Jecheon 1 010 G E QA -
2017-08-13   19:00 Megabox Jecheon 3 078 G E - -