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제15회 제천국제음악영화제

As an instrument for social voice, music has long operated as the core axis of the resis-tance culture, resolving the pain accumulated inside individuals as a product of history. At this year’s “Theme & Variations: Music as Resistance,” works that present various re-sistance music around the globe will be introduced, including <Woodstock>’s resistance music which led a stream of an era, and the daily practice of resistance music in <To Live and Die in Manila> and <The Song of Grassroots> that is analogous to respiration to those un-der constant repression. Particularly, this section will provide an opportunity to ponder upon the reason why resistance music is yet valid in contemporary Asia.

Total Counts : 3

Palestine Underground

Jessica Kelly

UK | 2018 | 28min | DCP | Color | Documentary | EDM, World Music

The Third Part of the Third Measure

The Otolith Group

UK, UAE, USA | 2017 | 44min | DCP | Color | Experiment | Instrumental

To Live and Die in Manila

Angela Stephenson

Philippines | 2018 | 17min | DCP | Color | Documentary | EDM, Hip-hop