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제15회 제천국제음악영화제

“World Music Film Today” introduces the latest films across all genres in which music plays a central role. The jury composed of five international members will select one film to receive the LOTTE Award, which is accompanied by a prize of 20 million KRW.In 2019, two documentary and five drama films will be screened: The two documentaries including <Piazzolla, the Year of the Shark>that depicts the life of Piazzolla who elevated “tango” to the state of art, and <Mr. Jimmy>, which portrays the Japanese guitarist who strived to copy all the performances of the legendary guitarist Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin; and the five dramas ranging from Rhythm is Everywhere that deals with the story of an Indian percussionist, <Sabre Dance> which dramatized the composer Khachaturian’s course of composing the masterpiece “Sabre Dance,” <This Old Road> which handles with the story of a Japanese children’s song composer, <The Accordionist’s Son> which features the strife between the accordionist father and his son, and <A Punk Daydream> which covers the distinctive subject of the Indonesian punk community. One can grasp the tendencies of world music films through the latest music films of diverse themes with music as its main source of communication.


Total Counts : 7

A Punk Daydream

Jimmy Hendrickx

Belgium, Indonesia | 2019 | 65min | DCP | Color | Documentary | Rock | Asia Premiere

Mr. Jimmy

Peter Michael Dowd

USA, Japan | 2019 | 114min | DCP | Color | Documentary | Rock | Asia Premiere

Piazzolla, the Years of the Shark

Daniel Rosenfeld

Argentina, France, Japan | 2018 | 95min | DCP | Color, B&W | Documentary | World Music | Asia Premiere

Rhythm is Everywhere

Rajiv Menon

India | 2019 | 131min | DCP | Color | Drama | Musical | Korea Premiere

Sabre Dance

Yusup Razykov

Russia, Armenia | 2018 | 93min | DCP | Color | Drama | Classic | Korea Premiere

The Accordionist's Son

Fernando Bernués

Spain | 2019 | 95min | DCP | Color | Drama | Instrumental | Asia Premiere

This Old Road

Sasabe Kiyoshi

Japan | 2019 | 105min | DCP | Color | Drama | World Music | Korea Premiere