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Thousand Faces of Indian Music and Film​


In India, as some describe as a continent, there are various music & film traditions apart from widely-loved Bollywood films. In this special section, we tried to offer a glimpse of the vast diversity of Indian music film. On top of mainstream films such as < Amidst the Atmosphere >, whose music was composed by the Oscar-winning musician A.R. Rahman, and < Bajirao Mastani > by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, also included are the films introducing different styles of music like < Soz: Ballad of Maladies > on resistance music of Kashmir, < Siddheshwari >, a poetic portrait of the legendary singer from Varanasi and < Naach Bhikhari Naach >, introducing lay people’s folk theatre art. < Up Down & Sideways >, included also in ‘International Competition’ section, offers a unique audio-visual experience of Nagaland folk song. You can meet the performance of Kishor Kumar, the genius comedy actor and musician through < Half Ticket >. 

Total Counts : 2

Decoding Shankar

Deepti Sivan

India | 2018 | 59min | DCP | Color | Documentary | Hybrid | Korean Premiere

Ravi Shankar

Pramod Pati

India | 1970 | 27min | DCP | B&W | Documentary | Classic