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Featuring popular films that possess broad appeals across the generations, Family Fest is representative of JIMFF, which aims towards a family-centered, recreational film festival. Lively and unique short films are showing, such as < Heart Beat >, a Dutch animation which is about love between a pop star and an aspiring singer, < Good Night >, an animation which is originated from Schubert’s ‘Winter Journey’, and < Flip the Record > which is about a girl who initiates hip hop thorugh her older brother’s LP. A special screening of < okja > with the director Bong Joon-ho and the music composer Jung Jae-il will be also held in Jecheon City Cultural Center.​  

Total Counts : 2

Heart Beat

Hans Somers

Netherlands | 2016 | 90min | DCP | Color | Drama | Pop


Bong Joon-ho

USA | 2017 | 120min | DCP | Color | Drama | Crossover