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One Summer Night

'One Summer Night', the main music program of JIMFF that takes place at the beautiful night scenery and cool breeze of Cheongpung Lakeside, is a special program that encompasses the best films and musicians. This year, we have 'DIVA Night', a stage where you can enjoy the unrivaled Korean female musicians; 'PICK UP THE MUSIC', a new programs where the special curator, actress Lee Yoon Ji will tell music stories and the main characters of the stories will performs; and 'MYSTIC Night', a night of musicians associated in MYSTIC Entertainment who not only excel in music but also in entertainment.

Music programs that will please the five senses, a special stage for those who don’t want to miss either film or music will unfold with Cheongpung Lakeside in the background. 

Total Counts : 3

DIVA Night

20:00 11. Aug(Fri) / Cheongpung Lakeside Stage

[Cinema Concert] Stephen Horne, GUMMY, Kim Yun A, Cubanism

Special Curator Project - PICK UP THE MUSIC, Lee Yoon Ji

20:00 12. Aug(Sat) / Cheongpung Lakeside Stage

[Cinema Concert] Stephen Horne, Lee Yoon Ji (Special Curator) , Park Won, Lucia, Epitone Project


20:00 13. Aug(Sun) / Cheongpung Lakeside Stage

Parc Jae Jung, Eddy Kim, JANE JANG, PERC%NT