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Theme & Variations

Portraits of the Musicians 


Inspired by variation, a creative process in classical music in which the composer modifies an original theme according to his or her imagination, the Theme & Variations section brings together both the latest and pre-existing works dealing with a particular topic, such as a musical genre or a region, in order to achieve an in-depth understanding of that topic. The topic of 2017 is ‘Portraits of the Musicians’ that reminisces many recently passed away musicians through their music. The selection introduces 5 documentaries and 1 feature film. < WHITNEY ‘Can I Be Me ’ > is a documentary about the best diva Whitney Houston, and two documentaries about the greatest troubadour Leonard Cohen capture the Europe tour in 1972 and the tribute concert by other musicians. A documentary about Joe Cocker and a documentary about Edgar Froese who was the leader of ‘Tangerine Dream’ are also showing. A feature film < Merry Christmas >, Mr. Lawrence which was directed by Oshima Nagisa and starred by David Bowie is screened. 

Total Counts : 6

Joe Cocker: Mad Dog with Soul

John Edginton

UK | 2016 | 90min | DCP | Color, B&W | Documentary | R&B, Pop

Leonard Cohen: Bird on a Wire

Tony Palmer

UK | 1974 | 106min | DCP | Color, B&W | Documentary | Folk, Pop

Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man

Lian Lunson

USA | 2005 | 104min | DCP | Color, B&W | MV, Documentary | Folk, Pop

Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence

Oshima Nagisa

UK, Japan, New Zealand | 1983 | 123min | DCP | Color | Drama | Crossover

Revolution of Sound. Tangerine Dream

Margarete Kreuzer

Germany | 2017 | 87min | DCP | Color | Documentary | EDM, Rock


Nick Broomfield, Rudi Dolezal

UK | 2017 | 105min | DCP | Color | Documentary | R&B, Pop