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World Music Film Today(International competition)

International Competition 

World Music Film Today introduces latest films across all genres in which music plays a central role. A jury of five international members will select one film to receive the LOTTE Award, which is accompanied by $20,000 prizes. The selection of 2017 includes 2 feature films and 5 documentaries. The 2 feature films are < The Golden Wing > , a biopic of legendary Indian folk singer Pratima, and < Hotel Rock ’n ’Roll > , a comedy film that depicts how a rock star wannabe who inherited a hotel from his uncle rebuilds the hotel. Also 5 documentaries are presented: < El Viaje - A Road Trip into Chiles Musical Heritage > which highlights Chilean music circle, < Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary > which is about the saxophone player John Coltrane’s art and life, Far Western which reflects country music in Japan through the eye of an American, < Ode to Time > which is dedicated to folk song movement in Taiwan, and < My Umma > which follows an American adoptee Luke who performs on the street, looking for his mom. Through various films of all subjects and genres that feature music as means of communication,this section provides a snapshot of the latest trend in world music films. 

Total Counts : 7

Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary

John Scheinfeld

USA | 2016 | 99min | DCP | Color | Documentary | Jazz

El Viaje - A Road Trip into Chiles Musical Heritage

Nahuel Lopez

Germany | 2016 | 93min | DCP | Documentary | World Music

Far Western

James Payne

USA, Japan | 2017 | 83min | DCP | Color, B&W | Documentary | Country

The Golden Wing

Bobby Sarma Baruah

India | 2016 | 87min | DCP | Color | Drama | World Music

Hotel Rock’n’Roll

Michael Ostrowski, Helmut Köpping

Austria | 2016 | 102min | DCP | Color | Drama | Rock

My Umma

Lim Jun-hyun

Korea | 2017 | 93min | DCP | Color | Documentary | Pop

Ode to Time

Hou Chi-Jan

Taiwan | 2016 | 118min | DCP | Color | Documentary | World Music