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World Music Film Today (International competition)

World Music Film Today introduces latest films across all genres in which music plays a central role. A jury of five international members will select two films to receive the Grand Prize and the Jury Special Prize, which are accompanied by 10 million Korean won and 5 million Korean won prizes. This year’s films under the section of International Competition include four feature films, 〈Junction 48〉, a story of a Palestinian rapper; Estonian film Family Lies; and 〈Losers〉, a coming-of-age drama in Bulgaria, 〈Things That I Learn from You〉, a road movie with actor Yu Jun-sang as director and main character; and four documentaries, 〈Quilapayún, Beyond the Song〉, a story on Quilapayún, the leader of the Chilean song movement in the 1960s; 〈We Are X〉, a biography of the Japanese band X Japan; 〈Cool Cats〉, a story of Ben Webster and Dexter Gordon; and 〈Mother, I've Pretty Much Forgotten Your Face〉, a story of a punk musician who turned to social issues ever since the earthquake in East Japan. Through various films of all subjects and genres that feature music as a means of communication, this session provides a snapshot of the latest trend in world music films.

Mother, I've Pretty Much Forgotten Your Face

Japan | 2015 | 102min | Documentary

Director Endo Michiro

Cool Cats

Denmark | 2015 | 83min | Documentary

Director Janus Køster-Rasmussen

Things That I Learn from You

Korea | 2016 | 69min | Drama

Director Yu Jun-sang


Bulgaria | 2015 | 97min | Drama

Director Ivailo Hristov

Junction 48

Israel, Germany, USA | 2016 | 97min | Drama

Director Udi Aloni

Quilapayún, Beyond the Song

Chile | 2015 | 73min | Documentary

Director Jorge Leiva

Family Lies

Estonia | 2016 | 81min | Drama

Director Valentin Kuik,Manfred Vainokivi

We Are X

UK, USA, Japan | 2016 | 92min | Documentary

Director Stephen Kijak